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Things You Need To Know About Leasing A Canon Copier

You can lease a copier for a fixed term, usually, they last for 36 months, at a predetermined number of pages. At the end of your lease term, you can choose to buy your copier for either fair market value or a $1 buyout, which is based on a bit higher monthly lease payment. You can also choose to engage in copier lease service in Virginia Beach with the newest copier. 

How much does it usually cost to lease a copier?

The numbers below are the total costs for those who wish to buy a machine outright and those who do not want to include higher-end production printers. Prices may depend between vendors, however, this guide can serve as a typical range for copiers. 

A piece of copier equipment and hardware costs around $2,500 to $60,000, the features costs around $200 to $2,000 and the service costs around $0.01 to $0.10 per page. 

What is a copier lease?

For those businesses that are worried about the costs to maintain and to repair a copier, it may be better to consider leasing instead of purchasing a copier outright. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider leasing a copier. These include a simple, low-cost monthly payment, no capital outlay, no down payment, more frequent device upgrades. 

One of the main advantages of leasing business machines is that repairs and service are typically included in the negotiated price. This is all included in the service contract. Service contracts are usually based on a per-page price, which means it is one price for black and white and another price for color. Make sure that you compare these prices properly. There could be a large difference between the different copiers or between each of the different authorized dealers that you may be getting a bid from. 

What is the best copy machine brand for small business?

One of the best copy machines for a small business is Canon. Canon is a staple and a well-known leader in the industry and they are known for their technology solutions for both the home and the office. As part of Canon’s business imaging sector, Canon develops a large range of innovative photocopiers that combines all effective features with impressive functionality to help streamline and to help improve the productivity of the office. They have been creating products for more than 75 years and in that time have built up a solid and high ranking reputation. 

How much does a Canon copier cost?

You do not need all the features of a copier. Canon copiers have features that are made for specific needs. Most likely, you are choosing Canon because of its reliability, amazing security features, and impeccable image quality, but you may not need to ability to print at 50 pages per minute. 

The hardware of the basic nuts and bolts of a Canon copier, it is like the engine to the car. Among the factors to consider when choosing the correct model is the volume, which is approximately the average number of copies that you need monthly. The peaks in volume, which are the periods where more prints are needed like creating paper billings at the end of the month, some add-ons and black and white vs. color prints. 

Choosing the right hardware is the main and the largest contributing factor to your copier’s overall price. Copier lease service in Virginia Beach bought outright, a full-size Canon copier for an office can run between $2,000 to over $60,000 depending on the features and the speed that you choose to include with it. 

Your needs will determine the price of the copier, so it is best to be upfront with the representative that you decide to work with. They are the ones who understand the different machines that they sell and what those machines can offer beyond the basics, so they may be able to alert you to the features that could help make your life simpler. 

If you are looking for copier leasing services in Virginia Beach, you can contact a local leasing company. They can assist you with any questions about copier lease service in Virginia Beach.