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Office Copier and Printer Hire Needs

Printers, copiers or even MFP are very important equipment for every office printing needs. It has an essential part in accomplishing paper works and publishing. In determining your office copier and printer hire needs, you have to consider the following aspects in choosing one.

  • Performance/features 

Each copier and printer brand differs on performance. Ricoh, Lanier, Sharp, Xerox, Canon, HP and Konica Minolta are brands that are trusted worldwide. Different brands offer different sets of features that are optional for every consumer’s preference . There is no such perfect printer for everyone to use but it always depends on your office needs. These are the basics:

  1. Printing speed is a vital capability of your copier to finish work immediately. You may want to pay for a high speed printer to accomplish a high volume printing but don’t waste money for a performance you don’t really need.
  2.  Scanning features are popular these days expelling the needs for faxing. Printers have scanners that can scan a double-sided page at the same time. It has a duplexing automatic document feeder (DADF) to do such a feature and increase the scanning speed. 
  3. Printing color runs between colored and black and white. If your business focuses on filing documents and copies for office records, you likely don’t need colored printing and opt for black and white. However if you need to advertise, market and have more images to print, colored function is suited for you. 
  • Durability

Of course all businesses pick out durable machines rather than disposable ones to save up the budget. The copiers and printers that you purchased have different functionalities and capabilities. Printing jobs that exceed the rated printing output of a printer/copier will likely result in its breakdown and will require an immediate servicing. Even tough machines also malfunction and collapse through time and if mishandled. Copier leasing companies provide high quality machines on various brands and offer an excellent payment scheme for business owners (big or small). Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, copier leasing services include maintenance, repair and replacement which is ideal for offices that need adequate servicing to be operational without any hassle. 

  • Price

The price of your copier depends on its features and performance. The speed, size, other features and the brand of your printer determines its selling or leasing price. The more features and faster your copier is, the more expensive it gets. Choose wisely in terms of your office needs and demand. Estimate the number of pages your company prints every month and then sum up the features you need your printer to have in order to maximize its functionality. 

  • Lease or buy

Purchasing a copier or a printer gives you outright ownership of the machine and you have the right on everything you can do with it. You can use it for many years and this is actually cheaper than leasing. But buying one can be more expensive for an instant cash out than a copier lease. However, for comparison, buying a copier leaves you on your own for repairs, replacement and upgrade than on copier lease. 

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The best copier/printer for everyone doesn’t really exist. Your office printer hire needs determine the type of printer you need to purchase or lease. The perfect and ideal printer for you will do the work you need to fulfill.