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Features of Multi-Function Brother MFC – J480DW

Why do you need a multifunctional printer? Everybody has it and so you feel that you need to buy one too. You have given it a thought but you’re not sure if it is the kind of printer that you need for your business. And just like any responsible owner, you conduct your own research about multifunctional printers available in the market. You ask the copier rental Virginia Beach about what they think. They tell you that they believe you should get a multifunctional printer and that renting one out now should be a good start.

Every equipment you choose to purchase for your business should do your business some good. Unless you have an overflowing amount for business capital, it is best to think twice or thrice, even, before you decide that the printer of your choosing is the right one to buy for your business. You want to make sure that you choose the right printer to carry your brand, right?

What makes the Brother MFC – J480DW a good option?

The Brother MFC – J480DW may seem like any other printer that is on the market. It is one of those top notch multifunctional printers that everyone can’t stop raving about. But how do you know that it is the one for you? Check out the specs that it comes with. From there, you can compare it with what you need. Here are some facts about this printer that will make you want to buy it:

– It comes with an inkjet colors. So if your firm needs to print colored pictures alongside the documents you need printed on a daily basis, then this is the printer to have. Not only is it multifunctional but it allows you to print a variety of documents – from colored ones to the black and white prints – all of high quality.

– It can print as much as 2500 pages in one go and that’s just not it yet. You can print more if you need to. Just remember that if you print more pages in one go, you must also be prepared to have it checked for routine maintenance and management.

– It can scan documents and can be used as a fax machine too. Can you imagine how much more space you will have in the office if you had two separate machines become one? It will be absolutely amazing.

– Is it wireless ready? It is. What’s even better is that it can be used to set up a network in the office to give everyone access to the printer so they can print whatever they need to without leaving their desks. It is indeed a printer that helps people. It is accessible both for Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.

Is the Brother MFC – J480DW a good investment?

You may not admit to it but seeing these facts will help you decide whether this printer unit is what you need or not. When going for a copier rental Virginia Beach contract, this printer is good for your business. It can produce the documents you need, it requires less maintenance compared to the other multifunctional printers that it is in competition with. Or better yet, it is the printer that can deliver the documents, scan, print, make copies and function as a fax machine too.

Did you know that it also received the Energy Star certification? 

When you decide to purchase it, not only will you be fulfilling what your company needs, but you will be contributing to the good of the environment. There is nothing like getting things done and helping save the environment in the long run.